Our Vision

Nowadays, arthroscopy, despite its surgical superiority, faces many challenges, such as long setup time, high cost, limited mobility and high fragility, among others. All these factors hinder accessibility for health professionals, healthcare systems, veterinarians and students.Our vision is to broaden the reach of arthroscopic technology by
making it more accessible than ever before.

Our Solution

Our solution consists in providing professionals and professionals-to-be with a cheaper, portable and user-friendly device paired with our software, and hence solving current challenges.

And YES! We did our first test.

Meet the team

Nil Palau

CEO & Software Engineer

Sergio Reinosa

CTO & Robotic Engineer

Swapnil Mane

Head of Design & Mechanical Engineer

Jordi Palau

KAO & Orthopaedic surgeon

Elisa Barbagli

Head of Communications and Community Manager

Our Collaborators

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